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Found in the year 1992 by Rtn.I.Vargheese Best media Associates india pvt .ltd,is one of the longest running,renowned and respect media & publishing servicing organisation in the film industry of quality.Best media is private company categorized under Trophies Awards and Medals.Our record shows it was established in 1997 and incorporated in chennai.Has energetic youngsters dedicated in their work with a team of male and female staff,with offices in Chennai,Hyderabad,Banglore & Cochin.



One of the pioneer in publishing variety cinema directory for the past two and half decade and so far released consecutive 25 editions. Variety cinema directory(Vargheese media)play a vital role for the selection commitee in choosing the fit in artiste(i.e.right from the Hero to Technicians), it is an Encyclopedia of the south indian film industry.

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Our BEST MEDIA FILM AWARD will be one of the biggest mile stone in the filom history for ever,we proved to be an event organiser to felicitate our film industry for 8th edition of this yera 2018 BEST MEDIA FILM AWARD,will be telecast in a popular TV channel We are one of the leading EVENT COMPANY conducting indoor and outdoor different varieties of events for the corporate companies to enetertain 6 to 60's We strongly belive that BEST MEDIA event company exposure adds prestige to serve world level competition,designed from national and international artiste and provide them with the right contacts recommendation and promotions to make specatators happy.

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This year we are launching Vargheese Media MOBILE APP for more coverage to benefit to the Film industry,as well as we publishing your advertisement & bio data in the directory so you will get 3 way advertisements benefit.



Our third movie is we have spread our wings towards the films and the celebrities to encourage and support & honour the legends in the film industry by the way of giving awards from the year 2000. So far we have honoured awards for 7 years,now this 8th BEST MEDIA FILM AWARD will be celebrated in the heart of the chennai city during February 2018. So you be there to watch live show with mess crowd. Our award commitee will focuse on various catagories which include current affaire,society,politics,human interst,Humour and History. We are looking for what we refer to us. These are generally two plus Hours length films on very strong,edgy,provocative contemporary subject matters that we feel people MUST see because of their political and or social relevance. Some of the films we select have strong current affairs value. Our awards event was already telecast in K TV,Raj TV etc.

Each year we take on between 50-75,new films for this film award competition which was released in the year 2017 Our entire catalouge is comprised of about catagorise and we try to keep our invitation to this size. So we can keep it active ,stay focused and give the films are all unique and of great quality,well made and well looked after.